I took to painting late in life as my dream to paint was pushed aside by the challenges of medical training that merged with the responsibilities and challenges of neurosurgery.  A few years ago my often-discussed dream was brought to reality when Merle, my wife, presented me with a gift of paints.  That dream soon turned to a passion that has taken hold and will not let go.  I now long to produce works that are pleasing and that do justice to the magnificent beauty I see in creation around us all. 


I paint landscapes because of my love of the outdoors and I paint wild life because of my love of nature.  Still life paintings are a challenge for the studio that develop and hone ones painting technique.  Those too are important as they convey a different, often man made beauty.  Overall the theme is representational, not strictly realist.  Stand back and you see the image that your mind interprets as a place you might recognize, an animal or bird or some man made object.  Move really close and you see only brush strokes, hard and soft edges, layers of paint and impasto movements that adorn the canvas.



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J Seggie: Doctors as Artists SAMJ 2014

South African Artists Magazine

Antarctica 2020 Expedition (2016)

Scotia Sea Expedition: Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica (2017)